Jessica Lynn Howell and Simon Lawrence Howell, the duo behind Lynn & Lawrence, are wife and husband, mother and father, travelers and wanderers, creators and creatives. 

‘Keeping Heads Warm’ since 2013 and created in pursuit of the perfect beanie for Simon, Jessica started knitting hats out of the couple’s shared Brooklyn loft. Demand quickly grew beyond the need for covering Simon’s head, with friends wanting to wear the designs as well. 

Growing their company, but keeping with the friends and family spirit, Lynn and Lawrence brings together local, creative collaborations with the idea of responsible, global manufacturing. Today, the sustainable Alpaca hats are hand-knitted by fair-trade women’s co-ops in Lima, Peru and Yorkshire, England. 

Lynn and Lawrence adores our planet and its exceptional beauty and with the birth of their first child, the growing family is expanding their vision to add a baby line and is excited to further explore the world while finding new places to produce comfortable woolly hats in an ethical and sustainable manner.