BABY CLASSIC / Hemingway / cream

BABY CLASSIC / Hemingway / cream



Our Lynn & Lawrence BABY CLASSIC style is a Cream color and is a mini version of the adult style. These beanies are entirely hand knit by a co-op of artisans in Yorkshire, England (they take half a day each to complete), are made in 100% baby alpaca, which means they’re thick, luxurious, and incredibly soft. Each hat is hand knit on circular needles so there are no seams, and we only tag our hats on the inside. Each hat is double checked for quality and number stamped by hand on the inside tag. This is a one of a kind, individual piece, made with time and care. 

Our beanies come with a limited edition handmade ZINE and fabric pouch to protect it when it's not atop your head.  


NEWBORN SIZE, When laid flat with no turn-up the hat measures: 4in x 7in (10cm x 18cm)

3-6 MONTHS SIZE, When laid flat with no turn-up the hat measures: 4.5in x 8in (11.5cm x 20.5cm)

Care instructions: Because this hat is hand knit in an all natural fiber so you MUST ONLY HAND WASH IN COLD WATER with a mild wool detergent.  Lay flat, and reshape hat while wet, leave to dry completely and it will reform to it’s original shape.

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