About us


Jessica Lynn Howell and Simon Lawrence Howell, the duo behind Lynn & Lawrence, are wife and husband, mother and father, travelers and wanderers, creators and creatives. 

‘Keeping Heads Warm’ since 2013 and created in pursuit of the perfect beanie for Simon, Jessica started knitting hats out of the couple’s shared Brooklyn loft. Demand grew quickly with friends wanting to wear the knit designs as well. 

Growing their company, but keeping with the friends and family spirit, Lynn & Lawrence brings together local, creative collaborations with the idea of responsible, global manufacturing. Today, the alpaca hats are hand-knitted by fair-trade women’s co-ops in Lima, Peru and Yorkshire, England. 

The birth of their first child inspired Lynn & Lawrence to expand their vision and add a baby line. Together, they are excited to further explore the world while finding new places to produce comfortable knit hats in an ethical and sustainable manner. 




Lynn & Lawrence strives to step away from the fast fashion trends and focus on the craft and beauty of a handmade garment. Lynn & Lawrence defines slow fashion as it can take more than a day to hand-knit one hat, but the result is a well crafted beanie, something we take seriously, and if cared for properly, should last a lifetime.


We employ artisans in England and Peru, two places that have longstanding roots in the textile and knit industry. The women’s cooperatives we work with in both regions provide a model that give women income or supplemental income on their own terms which is beneficial as it affords them to stay with their families and/or social circles while continuing to generate a wage. 


We source our alpaca fibers from suppliers that employ fair trade principles, and adhere to the regulations concerning taxes, labor and environmental obligations.


Lynn & Lawrence is constantly working on new ways in which we can be a better company, from using eco packaging, offering repair services and special requests, to working with other creative brands, or donating 1% of our sales to grassroots environmental groups around the world.