INSIDE the heads of the hat makers


Lynn & Lawrence strives to step away from the growing fast fashion trends and focuses on the craft and beauty of a handmade garment. Lynn & Lawrence beanies are the definition of slow fashion as it can take more than a day to make one hat but the result is a very well crafted beanie which is something we take very seriously. 


We employee artisans in various regions including Yorkshire, England and Peru. Both of these places have longstanding roots in the textile and knit industry. We work with co-op’s of woman in both regions which is a model that gives woman income or supplemental income on their own terms. This style of income can be so beneficial to especially woman as often they can stay with their families and or social circles while continuing to generate a wage. 


In Peru we source our fibers from suppliers that ‘employ fair trade principles with their collaborators and suppliers, and adhere to the Peruvian regulations concerning taxes, labour and environmental obligations.’ We are aiming to to do the same with a possible upcoming Woolly line sourced from England and Scotland. 


We’re not just another knit company. We are constantly working on new ways in which we can be a better company for you. From using eco packaging, offering repair services and special request to working with other creatives and brands or donating 1% of our sales to grassroots environmental groups around the world. We feel that along side many other companies who share our vision we can re-address the problem of over consumption by giving you our very best effort and care.